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Background & Approach

The City of St. Louis, in partnership with Stanford University’s Computational Policy Lab, built two data dashboards for internal city use. The first was a jail capacity dashboard to understand the distribution of individuals in the city’s two jail facilities and inform policy decisions around the jail population. The second was a trends dashboard that helped St. Louis stakeholders understand the characteristics of the city’s current and historical jail population context. The city also produced a public-facing version of the trends dashboard. The City of St. Louis continues to engage with the Safety and Justice Challenge Network to rethink and redesign its criminal justice system so that it is more fair, just, and equitable for all.

Lead Agency

City of St. Louis Mayor’s Office, City of St. Louis Department of Public Safety, City of St. Louis Division of Corrections

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Wil Pinkney


Stanford Computational Policy Lab, Regional Justice Information Service, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Division

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