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Background & Approach

Franklin County is Ohio’s most populous county and contains the state capital, Columbus. Franklin County planned and executed the Achieving Cultural Confidence and Enhancing Specialized Support (ACCESS) project to coordinate local stakeholders in an effort to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in participation in the Franklin County Municipal Court specialized dockets. Franklin County was able to analyze specialized court docket data, policies, and procedures, and identify the key factors driving the racial disparities in the county’s five specialized court dockets. Franklin County completed and submitted a final report and recommendations to all participating stakeholders.

Franklin County continues to engage with the Safety and Justice Challenge Network to rethink and redesign its criminal justice system so that it is more fair, just, and equitable for all.

Lead Agency

Franklin County Office of Justice Policy & Programs

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Johnny Turner


Franklin County Municipal Court Specialized Docket Division, Franklin County Reentry Coalition, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity, Legal Aid Society of Columbus, Franklin County Municipal Court Self Help Resource Center, Public Defenders Office, Community-Based Behavioral Health Care Services, Columbus Urban League, Peer Center, Afrocentric Personal Development Services, Project Linden, Columbus Health Department, Ohio State University Extension Center

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